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The Runelords Board Game is an exciting, hybrid-gaming experience for one to four players. Blending the deep strategies of a deck-building, resource management engine with the payoff of action-packed, hex-based combat, this unique system offers numerous game modes and endless replayability.  


The gameplay is broken into two primary stages:



Build your army by gathering influence from your recruit cards to, in turn, recruit more powerful cards for the battle ahead.  Equip your army with powerful weapons to give them the advantage on the battlefield while taking endowments from your most loyal of vassals to unluck the legendary power of your runelord! 



Take the army you've built and try to edge out a victory over the opposition with simple, yet robust, rules of engagement.  How well did you prepare? 


No time for a deck builder?  No problem!  Just select a runelord and jump into the fire with pre-built decks ready to test any opponent!

Based in the world of the best selling fantasy series by acclaimed author David Farland, dive into this exciting new gaming experience that offers numerous game-modes including multiplayer PvP, solo, and Co-Op!


Your vassals need you!   Will you answer the call?


With each runelord offering 50 tarot-sized Sovereignty cards unique to their playstyle, finding synergies and advantage play has never been this fun!


Choose from four uniquely designed runelords, each with their own playstyle and recruits!

32mm scale.  Suggested painting schemes only.  Models do not come painted.


Engage your armies on two beautifully painted, modular battlefields, each made up of six individual, double-sided tiles ready for war at any scale.


Need to pass some time before the game's release?  Dive into the epic fantasy series by David Farland and catch a glimpse of what a runelord can really do.  

With eight masterfully written novels in the series and the ninth and final installment due out soon, its the perfect time to get caught up on the lore that inspired the game.

Get your physical books here!

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After a year full of conventions and hundreds of demos, here's what the gaming community from all over the world is saying about The Runelords Board Game!

"I've been playing war games all my life.  I have never played anything like this.  Can't wait to really dive in

and find which runelord I like best!" 

-Justin Aimes - PAX South

"The CCG aspect of the game is my favorite part.  It's like playing Hearthstone but getting to actually move your minions into battle." 

-Andy Collinsworth - Essen Spiel

"The Sovereignty Stage might be the coolest thing to happen to a war game in really long time!" 

-Sarah Powell - UKGE

"I can't believe how well it plays with four players.  The game says it supports the player count and it actually delivers.  I love this game so much!" 

-Brian Angelico - PAX Unplugged

"Easy to learn.  Hard to master." 

-Ilan Devi - Essen Spiel

"There were awesome moments every time I activated a unit.  The combos are just so crazy." 

-Mack Fable - PAX West

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