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Meeple University - overview

Meeple University did an amazing general breakdown of what to expect from the game!

Geek and sundry - How to play

Let Becca Scott of Geek and Sundry walk you through the Sovereignty Stage of play!  

The Sovereignty Stage

See just how dynamic the Sovereignty Stage of play can be.  Watch Dayne and Kravyn mix their armies into an exciting deck-builder engine and prepare for battle!

combat overview

Despite the numerous ways to play The Runelords Board Game, understanding the basics of battle is always paramount.  Watch just how easy it is to understand deployment and recruit activation.


Have a glance at some of the setups and game components!

This is a work in progress.  All rules and the layout are subject to change up till the release of the game.  



Questions?  We hope so!  Just email us at and we will be glad to answer them. 

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